Mashay lets you find and share the best real world experiences in a city. These experiences are focused on activities you can share with your friends and other like minded groups. Think of whisky tasting, axe-throwing, cheese making, wine blending, brewery crawls, exhibitions and live music. Once you select the experiences you are interested in, Mashay lets you book these experiences with your friends or match with other groups to join you and your friends on the experience.

This way you can explore a city, make the most of your social life and surround yourself with people you can genuinely have fun with

Getting started is simple.

1. Download the app. Mashay will always be FREE 2. Signup using your Facebook account. Don't worry, we won't post anything up on Facebook 3. Invite your friends to download Mashay if they are not already on it

How Mashay works:

1. Create groups with your friends, group sizes can range from 2-5 2. Search through a list of curated experiences in your area 3. Select and book these experiences with your friends or... 4. Match with other likeminded groups interested in similar experiences to share the experiences with you and your friends.

Rich Content

Beyond just text and images, you can incorporate quizzes, audio, video and even Augmented Reality into your content to provide a deep immersion experience.

Framework and Libraries Used

Mashay is a cross platform mobile application for iOS and Android devices that has developed using Xamarin.Forms and SqLite database.

  • Xamarin.Forms (v2.3.4)
  • Xamarin.Forms.Maps (2.3.0)
  • C# (Language)
  • Sqlite (Local Database)
  • Mvvm Design Pattern
  • ASP.NET Web API 2 (Web Service)
  • MS Sql Server (Server Database)
  • Azure Push Notification
  • Raygon Crash Reporting

Top Features

  • Facebook SignIn.
  • Video Players.
  • Azure Push Notification.