We are Xamarians

We, a technology and consulting team of 10 mobile enthusiasts called Xamarians are engaged in the research and development of Xamarin. Our adept team of developers leverage shared c# code base to deliver quality apps. 'Mobile first' is our main approach while designing apps for our clients, to ensure our app's success. From development to deployment, we offer complete end to end mobility solutions on Xamarin launchpad.

Our chief specialisation lies in providing cross platform mobility solutions using Xamarin launchpad. Increased awareness is our primary focus when it comes to developing technical expertise for xamarin launchpad, which can help in transforming an idea into a full fledged mobile app. Besides that we help in powering native mobile app solutions using Xamarin's robust framework.

We have been implementing the mobile app development since early 2012. We aim to deliver a fully native experience in Xamarin inorder to get you native performance, complete API access on all platforms along with a native UI.

Why Xamarians

Our adroit team of experienced professionals indulge in the development of phenomenal and intriguing mobile applications using the highly scalable and reliable Xamarin platform.

Our team's expertise lies in the creation of cutting-edge apps with exceptional functionality making them benchmarks.

Our goal is to provide feasible solutions within a budget without any trade off in quality.

We value time and always ensure a timebound delivery as per the deadlines set by the clientele.

We also maintain records for proper management and provide complete progressive reports to clients.

Our Process


We start with doing a high level discussion of the product that client want to build. We take complete understanding of the requirements.


We create a list of user stories along with database design and base architecture. After approval from client, the first few user stories are taken up.


We typically use MVVM framework in source development as it provides the best architecture for application devolepment in most projects.


We create automated tests for product right from the beginning. This ensures that when second feature is added, it doesn't affect previous features.


We design our code with precision. To ensure that high cohesion and low coupling are achieved, we use optimal design patterns.


We design applications keeping in mind the changes of the feature, the code is standard and readable that renders the application to be low maintainance.

Our Team

Siddharth Pandey

Founder and CEO


Partner and Head of Sales North America

Prashant Pandey

Team Lead

Ashmita Bharti

Software Engineer

Skand Swami

Software Engineer