Hallcon is an enterprise trip tracking app which will be used only by company drivers. It is used to Accept or Reject a trip scheduled by their company and track entire trip from pickup to delivery point including all halts like lunch, waiting for crew etc between a trip. App tracks a trip offline too if a trip is already started and sync server whenever internet connectivity is available. Trip can be either to deliver some goods (Yard Trip) or real people (Road Trip). User can change their driving status to Available, Yard Trip, Road Trip, Company Trip or Offline based on his availabilities. App list all major contacts of company and allow drivers to send and receive messages to/from them. App doesn’t allow drivers to register instead they will get their driver id and password by their company.


Hallcon is a cross platform mobile application for iOS and Android devices that has developed using Xamarin.Forms and SqLite database.

  • Xamarin.Forms (v2.3.4)
  • C# (Language)
  • Sqlite (Local Database)
  • Mvvm Design Pattern
  • ASP.NET Web API 2 (Web Service).
  • MS Sql Server (Server Database)
  • Azure Push Notification
  • HockeyApp Crash Reporting
  • Local database support.

Top Features

  • Offline. Track running trips offline and sync to server when internet connectivity is available.
  • Azure Push Notification