Joybird is an interactive learning platform that encourages learning and exploring outdoors and makes it easy for anyone to sharing these experiences. App allow users to access a lesson, multiple hotspots (location) under a lesson and multiple activities under each hotspot. Activities can be of type solving questions,watching videos, listening audios, clicking photos, sharing photos on social platforms and many more. User can start activity only by reaching in 100 meter range of a hotspot or by scanning QR code of particular hotspots. User can enjoy free and paid both type of lessons offline.

Outdoor Education

Joybird app brings you on an exciting journey to explore & learn about the world around you! An easy platform to create & share educational content, it encourages an education outdoors for students of all ages.

Hotspot anywhere

With no geographical limits, you can create hotspots anywhere in the world. Joybird explorers would get notified when they are nearby or scan the joybird QR code to trigger the content

Rich Content

Beyond just text and images, you can incorporate quizzes, audio, video and even Augmented Reality into your content to provide a deep immersion experience.


Cross platform mobile application for iOS and Android devices that has developed using Xamarin.Forms and SqLite database.

  • Xamarin.Forms (v2.3.4)
  • Xamarin.Forms.Maps (2.3.0)
  • C# (Language)
  • Sqlite (Local Database)
  • Mvvm Design Pattern
  • ASP.NET Web API 2 (Web Service)
  • MS Sql Server (Server Database)

Top Features

  • User can register themselves or other things in the application.
  • Login available using Facebook, and normal login
  • User can update their info, Industry, add experience, qualification.
  • User can upload their video based on industry.
  • Also user can view their uploaded video.
  • User can buy subscription for share profile
  • Also features included to search job.
  • User able to rate app, can see guidelines how to use app.
  • User can recommend job to their friends.
  • Also user can seen recommended job by others.
  • When user apply job, employer receive his profile.
  • User can see job description.